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Monntage: MLG Editor

1 usd

- Monntage is the first Android app to edit your photos to MLG- You can make out cool memes if you want and share it with your friends4 ma m8s:
- Monntage iz da 1st quickscopers app. Itz gonna rekt ur scrubs
U can:
• Quickscope with ur cam• Eat doreito, trickshot ur m8s• Destroy tha loominadey
• Open your photos from your gallery or take a new one from your camera• Add additional MLG stickers to your photo and resize like you want( Characters,accessories explosions, quickscopes etc.)• Give your pic multiple effects to make your pic different• Choose what you want from lots of editing option• Save your MLG image on your sd card or share it on social network
Thanks to all ma dank m8s. I hope you enjoy!
If u cri evritiem, don8 m8
1 download = 1 sad violin
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